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Kelsey Keeler

Food Safety/Farm Safety Consultant

I have been a consultant for Precissi Ag Services since 2019. I graduated from CSU Stanislaus with a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Studies. As food safety continues to become a critical part of the agriculture industry, having a solid program is essential for growers. I grew up in and around agriculture so my working knowledge of the industry helps me to better understand the needs and concerns of growers. My job as a consultant is to put the grower at ease; taking the tedious aspects of satisfying GlobalGAP requirements and easily integrating it into an efficient and manageable food safety program.

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Paul Precissi


I started Precissi Ag Services 10 years ago because I saw an opportunity to serve my agricultural community. My family has been a proud part of this community since 1945, which led me to Cal Poly for a degree in crop science. I am passionate about this industry and helping families navigate the process of farming today. "Sempre Avanti!" 

Paige Toler

 Food Safety Consultant 

I was born and raised in Stockton and graduated from CSU Fresno in May 2021 with a Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology: Exercise Science. Growing up in this area showed me how important the agricultural industry is to the San Joaquin Valley. I started working as a consultant in August 2021 to help growers and the community I grew up in. My goal as a consultant is to provide all necessary resources, also to develop and maintain a manageable food safety program for all growers. 

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Francisco Campos

Bi-Lingual Trainer

I have been involved in agriculture my entire life, from working on the ranch in Mexico as a young boy to now working closely with California growers and their employees. As a safety consultant with Agricultural Production Safety (APS) Consulting, I understand the importance of safety and regulatory compliance laws in an agricultural profession and strive to serve our clients with the best practices for their establishment. We assure growers and their employees stay safe on the farm and keep them updated on California laws and regulations. I received my Pesticide Handler Trainer Certificate from Pesticide Educational Resources Collaborative (PERC) and am also a Certified Forklift Trainer. 

We are here to help. Let us provide you with an honest, realistic approach to all your agricultural decisions. Whether it is helping you with training, providing PCA services, consulting in food safety, or helping you obtain ag products we are here for you. All our staff comes from farming related backgrounds, so we understand your needs and are passionate about this industry. 

Picking Grapes
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