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The Precissi Family has roots in California agriculture going back to 1945. That was the year four brothers; Lou, Joe, Augie, and Frank started Precissi Flying Service. With skills honed in the military and on the ranch, they built a business around integrity, safety, and service to agriculture. Over time their sons, nephews, and ultimately grandsons would all work for the family be it the flying service or the ranch. I began working summers loading planes as a kid and looked to them as a model for success. After graduating from Cal Poly and earning both my commercial pilot license and my PCA license. I began flying crop dusters and walking fields in the afternoons. I started Precissi Ag Services in 2009 as an independent PCA Company with food safety and compliance assistance for growers. As Precissi Ag began to grow with PCA clients, I looked to expand. In 2018 an agreement was struck for Precissi Ag to absorb APS Consulting LLC, an established food safety and compliance company. This move cemented Precissi Ag Services as a multi faceted company. To date, we serve growers throughout the state of California assisting with pest management, food safety, and regulatory compliance. As Precissi Ag we embrace our heritage while always looking forward to serve agriculture. 

-Paul Precissi, Owner

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