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Products & Services

Realize long-term yield increases and improved profit per acre with us. Unaffiliated with any fertilizer or pesticide company, we continue to provide growers with unbiased and trustworthy recommendations that result in increased profits. 
PCA Services
  • Pest Management

  • Crop Nutrition Planning

  • Crop Monitoring

  • Tissue, Soil, Water Sampling

Ag Product Pricing and Sales

We can assist with obtaining your chemicals and fertilizers. 

Food Safety Consulting

An investment in a food safety plan opens up new markets, leading to an overall gain in revenue. If you're new to food safety or to strengthen an existing program we can design a program to fit your needs. 

  • Primus GFS - Food safety for packing sheds

  • Global GAP - Food safety in the field

  • FSMA - Food safety program to meet and exceed government standards. This program is for operations who aren't required to have a full food safety program. 


Helping growers maximize profits

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